Woman Crush Wednesday – Linda Bengtzing

I’m gonna go for maybe a little of a surprising choice for all of you – I’m going to talk about a long-term idol for me, Linda Bengtzing.


As most other people, I discovered her in Melodifestivalen 2005, when she competed with the song “Alla Flickor”. You could say I fell pretty much IMMEDIATELY for the music and the artist, and when her debut album was finally released the following year I wasn’t late to pick it up.

She has so far released two albums, “Ingenting att Förlora”(2006) and “Vild & Galen”(2008) and a compilation album. She’s competed numerous of times in Melodifestivalen with songs as “Alla Flickor“, “Jag Ljuger Så Bra“, “Hur Svårt Kan Det Va‘” and “E det fel på Mig?” and I must admit, I get ever so excited every time I see her name on the bill.

I have never actually seen her live – or, in a way I have, because she was a part of the Rix FM tour that went through Sweden, but as she only played three songs I have a hard time to consider it a gig. But, those three songs were amazing.

I’m usually pretty picky with my pop music – hair metal music is something where everything goes, most powermetal goes, but I’m as delicate with my popmusic as I am with my heavier metal. But, her albums are near perfection. There is literally only one or two songs I may not like, in total on all her albums, and what makes it even more perfect is that she has a song for every occasion.

Paula and Michelle can witness about being tortured with “Grannarna Vaknar”.

So yeah. My woman crush this wednesday is definitely my old idol, Linda Bengtzing. Love you girl.

// Sara

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