D- The band I’ve seen live the most

I had to recalculate how many times I’ve seen certain bands to make sure I got the right one, and I did.

It was actually pretty crowded – we have Steel Panther with 11 gigs, HammerFall with 12 gigs, and even Sabaton tied with Lordi on 13 gigs each. But neither of these are the band I’ve seen the most.

The band I’ve seen live the most times, 16 times,  are also the band that happens to be my very very first favorite band ever – Wig Wam.

(Fagernes, 2006)

I’ve seen them a total of 16 times, up until their breakup a few years ago. It started out as massive boom in 2006 with eight gigs, and then it has gotten fewer and fewer over the years, and the last time I saw them was actually here in Sweden, in 2010. A few years later they announced their break up. I always found it odd that they put out “Wall Street” without supporting it whatsoever.

Either way, this was actually a very good band. Like, a VERY VERY good band. Good on the albums, and phenomenal live. While I do miss them sometimes, and most importantly, all the amazing people I met through them, it feels like it was for the best in the end that they called it quits.

(Söre Osen, 2006)

Thanks for these years, Wig Wam, and thanks to all you amazing people I met – Lina, Kjersti, Kath, Nina, Hansi, Tinna and more.

// Sara
(All photos are obviously by me)


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