Music Monday: Gotthard – Domino Effect

In all honesty, I sometimes feel a bit torn writing about a Gotthard album, pointing out that this and that are the better album, because seriously, ALL their albums are fantastic. Even favorite bands like Lordi has dips (for me) every second album, but Gotthard, they keep wowing me for every album. Every release.

But with that said, it doesn’t mean that it’s no point in pointing out the albums they’ve made. And this time around, I’ll talk a little about “Domino Effect” (2007) which also happens to the first Gotthard album I ever got.


It’s a 15 track long album, which concerned me at first. Normally, the ideal lenght of an albums is around 11-12 songs, but surprisingly, at that time when I got it, not a single one of the songs were “too much”. Each and every one are absolutely fantastic in their own way. You have the “punch in your face” kind of opening in “Master of Illusion”, the heavy title track, the more calmer section in “Falling” and “The Call”, the dramatic “The Oscar Goes To You” down to the melancholic tones of “Letter to a Friend”, which also happens to be one of my personal favorites on this album all in all, and then flowing out in the slightly cheerful, and beautiful tunes Gotthard are known for in songs as “Tomorrow’s Just Begun”… I could go on forever, talking about each and every song but that would make this entry WAY too long.

So basically, what I want to have said with this is that this album is perfect in every sense possible, even though it cuts a little bit in me to hear Steve vocals. I sure miss him every time, but I LOVE Nic Maeder, never believe anything else.

So yeah. Get this album. Like, now. At least if you like rock.

Amazon I CDON I Ginza

// Sara


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