So, I slept for a good time, and yet I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. For the first time ever, I had to call in sick for work. It was awful, I love working at the job I do, so yeah. Well, what can you do. I tried my hardest to pack shit together, but it wasn’t easy. Gladly, I was only about to remove half my shit from my Belgium bag over to the bag for Brighton, add a few items and then I was done.

Michelle and I had planned for this trip we would share a bag, instead of both having a bag. Said and done, you know, so I packed my half and then got back to bed. I’m really worried though, what if I don’t get better in time? I really don’t want to be sick for the Lordi show, it’s their final show on the whole tour and we’re seeing Nathan again, and Hollywood Groupies and Dirty Passion…

God, we’ll see what happens.

// Sara

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