Shit, I got scared. I almost thought for a moment I’d have to use the new editing system with WordPress, and if so, then that could possibly have been the last you’d see of this blog, haha.

Anyway. Today was basically just a pit stop. To throw out all the shit I had brought to Southampton, and to pack down shit I needed for Brussels. Or more like, throwing out HALF of my Southampton stuff. I would still need you know, toiletries and my pyjamas. And my computer.

I went a quickie downtown to pick up some other Coachella stuff (seriously, the collection is to die for!) and then going home to prepare even more for Brussels. Am I sure I had the right tickets and all with me? Not fucking sure, and seriously, this endless traveling between destinations with pitstops will kill me one day.

But who cares, when it was time for Steel Panther in just two days?

// Sara

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