International Smile

It was time for us to leave the beautiful city that is Southampton, or well, at least the part we saw of it was fairly beautiful. We got up, had our breakfast, RUSHED to the train.. Got on the train…. change to a bus… then we finally hit the airport. Before checking in our luggage, we decided to make a little Lordi parody. You who have seen Lordi knows the big windy pieces of fabric that Amen has? We found some air-sources and well…


We then hit up this amazing food place and I got myself a mushroom soup.. at first I was suspicious, and after we got it, I got even more suspicious, because it sure as hell didn’t look tasty… but first bite… I WAS IN HEAVEN.

So we sat there for a good hour or so, talking about everything and nothing, eating, drinking… for so long we almost missed our flight.

Once we got on the flight, it was nothing but traveling. We got off the plane, rushed to the bus to catch the other bus and in Västerås even Michelle joined my bus. After Kristinehamn we were the only ones on the bus as well.What are the odds on that?

So what did we do on the bus? As if we haven’t traveled enough, we booked our return to England. See you in a few days! Yes, we are a little insane. You don’t need to say it.

// Sara

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