Stop Loving You

Ahh. The day after the arrival home. What does that day consist of? Unpacking. And booking.

Before the Savonlinna trip last year, I got myself a bankbook in order to keep better track on who pays what and what things actually cost. Sometimes when I look in it, I get happy when I see how cheap we make our trips, and other times I just cry. Sometimes it’s better not to know how much money you spend on these things…

So basically, what I’ve been doing is throwing shit out of my suitcase, storing away the suitcase and then sorting out recipes in food / shopping and then card / cash to get a better view. It’s a bit of a hustle, but it has to be done nonetheless. For my forthcoming trips I’m not attatching a stapler to it so we can sort out the recipes from the beginning instead. You live and you learn!

But you know, even though I unpack, I only do so to start packing again. We’re visiting the UK on Saturday for birthday celebrations and Lordi show, and next week I’m heading down to Belgium again for Steel Panther, or perhaps, The Lounge Kittens. I’m not sure which of them I’m more excited to see, really.

But until then.. I’m just gonna keep unpack and pack again.

// Sara

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