So. I’m home. At last.

This has been an intense week. It started off in Belgium on Sunday with Santa Cruz, Engel and Amaranthe and on Monday we were off to Spain for a short vacation and some Lordi. Heading back to Norway for Steel Panther and getting on a bus in all its might to catch Katy Perry, the perfect wrap up.

This was really the perfect week. It opened up with the best people in Amaranthe with a fantastic show from three bands, meet&greet and amazing people at the place, followed by the highlight that is Hollywood Groupies, Dirty Passion and Lordi, crashing with Steel Panther to be beautifully finished by Katy Perry.

I did four countries in one week, and it counted up to 10 shows in one week. This is the biggest tour, we / I have done so far, and I’m only ready now to aim higher, and challenge myself even more.

I wanna give a big shout out to all the amazing people that made this trip what it was – My partner in crime, my platypus, my right hand, my slave – Michelle. The epicness that is Spain, the depression that was Norway would have been nothing without you. Thanks to Cyril, Tim and Laura for your company

Thanks to Danny and Mrs Jacob, Maffe-The-MerchGuy, Elize, Henrik, Olof, Johan, Morten and Jake, Santa Cruz and Engel for everything.

Thanks to Marina, my Spanish Rose for the company and for lunch, you rock girl. Thanks to Hella, Mana, Mr L, OX, Amen, Hollywood Groupies and Dirty Passion. Thanks to The Merchinator and Jaqueline for epicness.

Thanks to The Lounge Kittens, Michael, Lexxi, Satchel and Stix for the concert, and thanks to our hotelroom-mates for putting up with us and being the sweetest ever. Thanks to Kim and Erlend for late night dinner and company.

Thanks to Norwegian, Brussel Airlines and Iberia for taking us to our destinations, thanks to for providing us with shelter, thanks to Swebus, SJ and V√§rmlandstrafik for helping out. I’m not sponsored, but seriously, where would I be without these? A shoutout to public transit in Belgium, Spain and SL as well.

And thank you, Katy Perry, for the fantastic that is your show, thank you for the courage.

Thank you, all of you people who were a part of this, making this the epicness that was this tour. I hope to see you all again very soon.

10408763_746043608848078_2143535663943671016_namaranthebelgium3DSC00859DSC00864DSC00862panther3 katy3

// Sara

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