REVIEW: Magic Kingdom – Savage Requiem

Magic Kingdom is a Belgium based four-piece band, consisting of no less than Christian Palin on vocals, Vassili Moltchanov on bass, Michael Brush on drums and Dushan Petrossi on guitars. The band was launched in 1998 and just a year later did they release their debut, ”The Arrival” followed by two more albums – ”Metallic Tragedy” and ”Symphony of War”. They are now, in 2015, back with their fourth album – ”Savage Requiem”.

It opens up with the epical and big “Umbra Mea” preparing us for the quest we are about to join. We are thrown into the galopping opening song that is “Guardian Angel”, which sets the mood for the entire album.

Brought into the battle ground that is “Savage Reqiuem” we face aggressive and fast guitar riffs combined with epic keyboards and classic drums with sweet voices – pretty much the perfect recepie for a power metal album of this age. It has got it all: the triggering, battle-preparing-kind-of-songs such as “Guardian Angel”, “Savage Requiem”, “With Fire and Sword” and “Battlefield Magic”, more calm, fullmoon-witchcraft-kind-of-songs such as “Full Moon Sacrifice”, and sweet songs as “Dragon Princess”.

However, my personal favorite of the whole album is “Ship of Ghosts”, which so happens to include a piece of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, it’s a trotting melodic song with one of the best melodylines I have heard this year, and epic as hell. The pre-chorus, the chorus, the verses… I could go on and on about how much I love this song, just as with “High and Low” from Serious Black.

However, despite this song, and despite the album being close to previous material, yet new and pretty solid, I must admit it’s only so so. Possibly, I had too high expectations, but it doesn’t meet up just right. It’s decent, solid, but not what I thought it would be.

Label: AFM Records

CDON | Amazon | Ginza

// Sara


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