Into the Wild

So! What have we done today besides landing? Well, first of all, we decided to dedicate this day to shopping. Or maybe more “shopping”. We could probably do a lot better but you know. Shit happens!

Basically, what we did was that we typed in Disney Store into Google Maps and found a shoppingmall called La Vaguada, but before we did Disney Store we had breakfast. At 16. You know. Tourlife!

Eventually we hit Disney Store, and originally I was looking for a lunchbox for my make up, but I kinda froze when I saw they had the Elsa mug that had managed to sell out, that mug I’ve been looking at since FOREVER! Pretty much dashed inside, and amazingly enough they were playing “Let It Go” right when we entered the store. Good entrance or what? So, a mug and a Frozen Fever bag later we decided to leave the store.


For some reason, they had put a lot of glitter confetti at the bottom of the bag. I wonder if it has anything to do with the new Cinderella movie, but it’s literally all over the place!

After this we roamed the shoppingcenter and ended up in what is a wallets hell and the eyes heaven – Claire. Claire is, for you Swedish people, basically Glitter but with a different set of things. Came out with two necklaces and one set of earrings.


After spending more time than we probably should have done in Claire’s we checked out the other stores and found one called “Ale-Hop” in which we found a little more stuff. A few rings and a bracelet. I’m really big on jewellery these days, it seems.

DSC00664 DSC00665

After this, we headed back towards the center to meet up with a very special person. A long dear friend of mine – Marina. I’ve known her since about 2006, and I haven’t met her until now! We wandered around a bit in the city and she showed us a real cool record store before we finally found a place to sit down and have dinner.

And do you know what I love so much about meeting up with people like this? It’s the hours you spend talking about everything – music, fandoms, life, politics, tourlife and literally everything! It was so nice. We sat there for hours. It was amazing seeing her, and I can’t wait to see her again on Thursday. This was great. Thanks Marina!


We’re really enjoying Madrid so far, and tomorrow we’ll all see what happens.

// Sara


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