Colors of the Wind

Today we spent most of the days walking around the city to catch some off the sightseeings. We started off by going to Puerta de Sol and continuing on from there. We were originally gonna look for a restaurant to eat, but by looking for one we just end up getting to the next and next of sightseeings instead of a restaurant, and you know, why not?

Eventually we found one, and after eating a quick lunch/dinner whatever we headed over to the city park and seriously… it is one of the most beautiful places ever. Buildings are nice and cool – but seriously, my favorite thing when being abroad is walking around in parks and nature and just inhale the environment. And they had ducks! DUCKS! So fucking cute.

I’ve decided to just put up pictures as they come, so I won’t name the places, you’ll recognize it.


After this, we headed back to the shoppingmall for some last minute shopping and a sweet dinner at Tacobell. I literally came out with what feels like a million bracelets, but I need to renew my bracelet-wardrobe at home, so why not?


After this, we’ve basically spent the whole night planning our next trip and preparing for tomorrow. It WILL be awesome, be so sure.

And now, Good night!

// Sara

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