I Want It That Way

So yeah, what to say? We got up at… uh, almost got up, at around 8 in the morning as it was time for Antoine to head home in time for school, and for me to get to the airport. Or well, at least out of the hotel because they wanted to get rid of me. Haha.

Anyway, after leaving I began walking “through” Brussels – it feels a bit harsh saying I walked THROUGH Brussels since I probably saw like 1/100 of the town, but thanks to my GPS I ended up on a lot of “backstreets” which was nice, because one, they have some wacky mailboxes:


But also some cool stores. I went into a pair of them, and one of them was this party store, and what caught my attention was the fact that they had Hunchback of Notre Dame masks! Frollo, Phoebus and Quasimodo, and possibly Esmeralda, but I wasn’t sure it was supposed to her or someone else.

Next thing I did was to visit a touristshop to pick up a pin for my collection. As you may know, for every country I’ve been seeing a concert in, I have a pin. And now it was time for Belgium to be added to the collection. I picked one which was a little different from my previous ones, as this one basically features the whole country rather than just the flag.


The guy who ran the store was very friendly, and one thing lead to another and before I knew it we were talking Spanish to each other haha! But of course, having my mind shattered all over the place, I forgot it was TODAY I was going to Spain and was basically a confused mess. But it was good to see that my Spanish came to use.


Once getting to the trainstation, I sat down for one of the most expensive breakfasts I’ve had before boarding a train towards the airport. I got to the airport around 14, which kinda sucked because my plane wasn’t leaving until 17.30, but what do you do! I did the best with the time, like for instance, writing about yesterday’s show.

Eventually I boarded the plane and  This time, I managed to score a windowseat. Which is amazing, because you can look out and see all the nature and architecture, but from above. Seeing tiny little cars, small as dots running around on the roads that looks like worms all over the place. The world sure is a beautiful place. Aside that, my best friends on this plane was a bottle of coke and Corey Taylor’s “Seven Deadly Sins”.


Once we landed, I was about to find Michelle. Which seemed to be an impossible task, seeing she was at a completely different terminal. My spanish got to use again, but it still took over an hour until we finally met. And in the mean time, I made friends with some fish they had in an aquarium. I love them.



Anyway. We made it into town square, found a nice place to eat where I had some italian food, ironically given where we are, and then we headed to the hotel.. And the hotel my friends… are another story.

I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. Now I basically need to go to bed. Before I pass out.

// Sara


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