Single Ladies

So, today it was revealed there will INDEED be a Frozen 2. I thought they were over and done with it with Frozen Fever, but it appears not. Releasedate has not yet been set, so I guess we will all see.

In all honesty, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Most of the sequels for Disney hasn’t been too good (a few exceptions though) so I’m a little worried Frozen 2 might just as well ruin the franchise. The real problem is really, what can be done in a sequel? They wrapped up the whole thing pretty good in the first one, I’m not sure what else could actually be done.


They base the movie off Hans. Off his life, him growing up, his motives and so on. THAT, on the other hand, could be really interesting. I guess I shouldn’t be too judging before the movie has actually come out, but seriously, I’m not too excited about it. Sorry. But – we will all see what it will be once it comes. And until then, I’m gonna keep preparing Madrid.

// Sara

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