Said I Loved You…. But I lied

Today has been long. Been trying SO HARD to pack, and I’m finally starting to get shit together. My biggest issue is still Katy Perry. What the heck do you wear to her? But I figured I could just bring out some of my Lady Gaga dresses for her, should go under the same category.

Michelle and I spent the afternoon preparing some final things for Madrid, and it’s turning out so nice! Now I have to on my own finish off some things and then we’ll be all set. I can’t believe I leave for Belgium on Sunday! It’s freaking CRAZY! Stress stress! Need to be done packing tomorrow. No excuses. NONE. All done. Gladly, the weather seems to be better and better for every day down in Spain. FINALLY.

But, when talking about all of this, it’s something else I want to bring up. Right in the middle of our amazing skype conversation with Paula, we learn that Mick Thompson has been stabbed in the back of his head by his brother. We are both, me and Michelle, worried as hell, of course, Corey’s words are very ensuring, but jesus Christ it scared us. Not another one, not now. Our thoughts are with his family, and I hope he has a quick recovery.

Mick, get well soon! We love you.


// Sara

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