Månsy on the television right now. Melodifestivalen airing and I’m just waiting for Hasse to get on stage so I can see his soothing routine before going to work.

I must admit, I’m a little stressed. Been working a lot more than expected this week, so thing hasn’t gone exactly according to plan, but shit happens I guess.

But you know, it will all work out eventually. Before you know it, all will be cool.

I just hope I haven’t forgotten anything for tomorrow.

jhlj 220jhlj 224

I’ll see you when I see you.

// Sara

One Response to “Heroes”

  1. Christian Says:

    A little trick,

    close your eyes, take a deep breath …
    hold it for a second …
    breath out slowly.
    Open your eyes again.

    Now everything slowed down a bit, and you can focus on what you need or want to do.

    Wish you a save flight to Spain.

    Rock on!

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