Breaking Up With God

I want to have something interesting to write, but I really don’t. Stress is taking it’s toll on me, but what I CAN say is that preparations for Madrid are slowly getting forward somehow. We went shoescouting earlier today, with no result sadly so we’ll see what happens with that. Tomorrow the plan is to finalize the last bits of the costumes, and then we’re pretty much ready for take off.

The problem I have with stress is that I get pretty musch paralyzed. I can’t do anything. I just sit there and stare at the wall and basically procrastinate. I procrastinate FUN things. Ok, packing is maybe not so fun, but traveling is, and therefore, packing is fun. But I guess it’s just kind of getting to me you know, that I have too much to do, and so little time.

So instead of sitting here wasting my time AND your time writing all of this, I should get going. Bring out my Frozen bag and actually pack shit.

But it’s hard when my hamster keeps kicking out her shit from her cage.

// Sara

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