Ett Andetag

Today has been a long day. Started off at the dentist office and after that it was time to meet up with le Platypus Michelle for some pre-Spain preparations. Because of the strike, it’s a little hard to focus, but we have done our best to keep it together. We spent A LOT of time in a second hand shop putting together the last details for our little… special thing and even left with a belt and a Sweden Rock magazine, aside the items we were looking for.

A dinner at Subway happened while mapping out and planning what to do with all the preparations and before we knew it it was closing time so we had to rush around to all the stores, mainly trying out shoes. We need to find some good shit, and it’s harder than one would think! Or well, this is because Michelle decided to have monster feet, size 42 (eu size) which makes everything more complicated, haha. No, don’t worry, I don’t mind her feet.


One million pair of shoes later we decided to part ways and continue the planning over Skype instead. Like I said, it’s hard to focus with all the flight-shit going on, but what can you do? Must push through it, else we’ll just end up regretting it.

Tomorrow I need to look for a suitcase. This trip is going to be intense – not only do I need to figure out what to wear/bring for Amaranthe, but for FOUR DAYS in Spain, one Steel Panther show and one Katy Perry show. What do you even wear to Katy Parry? A bag of candy?

Well well. Sleep will be needed.

// Sara

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