Woman Crush Wednesday: Janet Gardner

Alright. Again I struggle to find things to write, thus, we’re making this a woman crush wednesday, much like a music crush. First out in line is Vixen’s singer Janet Gardner.

(Press pic for source)

So, like I said. Vocalist in Vixen, a band she joined back in 1983 and has been in ever since except from a break in 2001-2012. It has been a little on and off with how Vixen worked out – break ups, reunions, namechanges, reunions, break ups… But what’s a band without a little drama, huh?

Without getting too… obvious, what I love about Janet is her voice. She doesn’t have this polished “typical” kind of pop voice, but rather a stronger one with a lot of force. While I love polished voices (like Elize’s for instance) there is something quite special about her, and this band in general. And her voice fits so damn well to the music, to the style, to the whole thing. You know when bands just have the EXACT right singer? Yeah, right here.

Of course, I tried to avoid it a little, but I guess I need to put it here too: Janet is pretty much my number one source of inspiration when it comes to physical appearances. Seriously, this girls style beats everyone else. Fucking love it. This is basically the one rockstar, along with her bandmates, that I’d have pictures of in my closet for lookbooks. Seriously. haveyouseenher?

I often speak about how bands are so perfect and things, and I’m going to say it once again. Vixen is pretty much perfect in every essence there are. Musically, visually, persona… Just perfect. My kind of thing.

// Sara

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