Hero’s Return

Well, I guess you can call this quite an interesting day.

As some of you might now, Norwegian is going on a strike/walkout whatever, and it’s being threatened to even bankrupt the daughter-company which flies in Scandinavia. This, my friends, will affect our Madrid trip HEAVILY.

Thing is, I LOVE Norwegian. I’ve told you that soo many times. It’s almost like we’re a married couple, Norwegian and I. Loved them through good times and bad times, for better and for worse, cursed through delays and smiled big when we arrive too early. They have brought me to good places. I guess shit happens, but BAD TIMING.

Gladly, we found out about the strike soon or late enough to put Michelle on an Iberia flight DOWN to Madrid, so the worst thing that’ll happen is that we get stuck in Madrid, which will suck, because I waited six years to see Katy Perry, haha.

But yeah. So first I basically spent 40 mins listening to jazzmusic before talking to  Norwegian’s support regarding the flights, and once that was done, and I finished off booking my Belgium sidetrip, I was about to book Michelle’s ticket to Madrid from Stockholm, and of course, this managed to screw up. So then I was on it again, with calling support for an airline. This time they played sweet Spanish music, which was nice, it made me remember we are GOING TO SPAIN and it made me happy. And the worker at Iberia WAS REALLY helpful and amazing, I literally fell in love with her on the spot.

Most things should be fixed by now. Michelle doesn’t have any checked in luggage as of now, but we’ll take care of that later. Call me lazy, but this feels like a long day. Never before have I had so much trouble booking flights, but I guess this is what happens when you try putting together a ONE WEEK Trip to four different countries and you and your company are traveling from different destinations.

I have spent the rest of the evening writing all the expenses down in my little holy concert-expenses book to keep track on everything. It almost feels like I’m running a freaking business here. But thankfully, HammerFall is keeping my company.


I have to book my hotel in Belgium, and also my flighttransfer to Bromma Airport here in Sweden. Once that is done, It’s fucking done. It’s been a NIGHTMARE booking this trip, NEVER think anything else. I love booking trips, because it entertains my brain, but seriously, most of the times it’s just one big nightmare of departures, concerttickets, hotels, distances, maps, transfers…. But that’s what we do for them. Always and forever.

// Sara

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