Music Crush Monday: Olly Murs – In Case You Didn’t Know

Well, I guess we’ll see how long I actually keep this up, but lets give a try.

A record I want to shine a little extra light on today is Olly Murs’ second album “In Case You Didn’t Know”. Olly Murs, as I’ve stated many many times to all of you, is a huge favorite of mine. I spotted him during one of the “Re-Micks” on Disney Channel and spent the next six months tracking down who he was since I was to stupid to remember I could just search for the lyrics on Youtube. But you know, better late then never, right?


In Case You Didn’t Know” came out in 2012 and like I said, it’s his second album but it’s also the first I got of him. And what can I say besides that I absolutely love it? It’s huge feel-good record through and through, with of course, some heavier and downbeat songs (“This Song is About You”, “I Need You Now”) but aside this, I guess you could call him the male version of Taylor Swift. And this is meant in a good way. But, nothing of this can beat or over-shine my personal favorite, “Dance With Me Tonight”, which was also the song that was in the re-micks. A good beat, sweet rhythms that makes literally anyone dance.

So basically, if you are not too high up in the metal zone (yes, I do recognize most of you readers are metal heads) you should give this album a try. IT WILL make you feel good. IT WILL make you happy. I am absolutely certain. And we all need that happy pill known as music. Sorry, I’m just gonna dance the night away now.

// Sara



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