So, since we had to cover the little incident with Simon Cruz I never got the oppurtunity to tell you about some of my aquirements from a few days ago! It’s not much really, but it’s worth a shot! First of all, I got myself a pink top. I wasn’t too sure about how I felt about it, BUT with a few adjustments – changing the straps into a racer back by attaching a little ring and a feather for decoration, it improved A LOT. I can’t wait to debut it in Spain!

BUT the most important thing wasn’t that, but this little precious:


“Crimson Thunder” by HammerFall. With that, I now OFFICIALLY own every single HammerFall album. It only took me about… eight years… to get them all. Haha, isn’t it fun how priorities work sometimes? I realized after I already imported the photos that I forgot to take a picture of my second findings, which was the “One More Time” single by HammerFall. I’m not too keen about singles all the time, but I noticed they had a version of “Bloodbound” with a co-female singer, which caught my interest. And I liked it, like A LOT!

With all of this being said, I’m now hitting bed. Spain is happening in about two weeks, and it’s nervwrecking! Aaah!

// Sara

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