After all this time, we have FINALLY BEEN ABLE TO BOOK MADRID – so now it’s 110% official – MADRID IS HAPPENING!

It’s always a bit of a hustle when you need everything done in like, one moment, especially when you like, have to book for three different cities on a million different dates. I have yet to think about the pre-trip, and what to do about the hotel in Stockholm, but seriously, this is looking gooood right now!

Can’t wait to get back to see the Monstars, the Panthers again and to, after all these years, see Katy Perry again. The only thing that pisses me off A LOT is the fact that we have to leave Madrid at 8 in the morning. I’d have preferred if we  could leave like, at 17 or so, because we are losing ALL of Monday to traveling, but I guess you can’t have everything. So we will both be arriving in the afternoon /evening in Spain on Monday and then have Tuesday and Wednesday to explore. I guess it could be worse, huh? I’m just not sure what the HECK we are gonna do in Oslo all day on Friday though. I mean, Norway is like literally the same shit as in Sweden, and you don’t need to queue for Steel Panther in Norway…

I do hope, however, that queueing will be warmer this time around. I mean, come on. It’ll be March. And Spain. Pretty please?

Well, at least I know where our first destinations will be. Tezenis and Disney Store. CAN’T WAIT.

// Sara

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