Music Crush Monday: Tigertailz – Bezerk

So, instead of a man crush monday, I decided to make it Music Crush Monday. Of course, when I planned this earlier today I didn’t expect Stone Sour to almost rip me off with the idea, but lets just say epic people got the same ideas.

So, anyway. I was really sitting around and pondering to myself, what should I write about? And for some reason my brain yelled “TIGERTAILZ”. I’m not even sure why, because it feels like it’s been ages since I actually listened to them, but you know what? I’m glad my brain reminded me about this amazing band.

So, what is Tigertailz? For those of you who don’t know, Tigertailz is a glam metal band that was formed in Cardiff, Wales back in 1983 with the original lineup featuring Jim Dovey on vocals, Pepsi Tate on bass, Ian Welsh behind the kit and Jay Pepper and Phil Harling on guitars. Jim was replaced fairly quickly by Stevie Jaimz, and in 1988 enters Kim Hooker, who is probably the most known vocalist of Tigertailz. Nowadays we find Jay Pepper on guitar, Rob Wylde on Bas, Jules Millis on vocals and Matthew Blakout behind the kit.

They released their debut album “Young and Crazy” in 1987, but their most famous album is the one coming three years later – “Bezerk”.

And that’s what this entry was supposed to be about to begin with.

To anyone who knows their glam metal, are very much familiar with the song “Love Bomb Baby”, which I guess you could say is the hit of the album. And it’s also one of my personal favorite songs in the genre. But it’s not only this song – the whole album is a really, really, really, REALLY, really good one. It has that bombastic theme about it (which I’m a sucker for, as you know) but it also got those you know, sleaze, naughty tunes (“Sick Sex”, for instance) rounded up by more lighthearted “Twist and Shake”. Pretty much EVERYTHING you could ask for in an 80’s kind of record.


So yeah. If you are as much of a sucker for 80’s glam metal as I am, then this should be right down your alley. I actually had the pleasure to meet Tigertailz back at Stockholm Rocks in 2010, when Sarah Firebrand was still in the band. She’s still one of my favorite people, and role models. Ever. Love her. She was in the band between 2010 and 2011, for those who wonders.

Anyway, the thing with this album is that it seems to be very hard to find. There’s a “Bezerk 2.0” released, but it ain’t the same, so be careful when you get it. But here’s an Amazon link that collects a few who sells it used.

You’re not a lady you’re a love bomb baby, love bomb baby come on blow me away

With all of this said, I also wanna pay my respects to the late Pepsi Tate who passed away late 2007 after battling cancer for a few years. Rest in Peace, you’re a love bomb baby man. Much love.
// Sara

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