Who I Am

Currently listening through Lena Katina’s solo album, solid pop/dance music. Didn’t realize these girls actually DID solo careers after t.A.T.u, but apparently. It’s a happy surprise to find Lenas album to be THIS good, considering she was always my favorite in the group. Might have to write about this album one day.

Talking about pop and amazing women, I finally booked the last piece on the Madrid trip. So now I have a hotel for Katy Perry, and seriously, I can’t tell you guys how BEYOND excited I am to finally see Katy. Steel Panther and Lordi in all it’s glory – I’ve seen them before, and will see them again I guess. Katy Perry on the other hand, that’s a woman I’ve been a fan of ever since the “One of the Boys” days, and year after year after year I’ve waited in vain.

I’ve literally managed to catch Lady Gaga (!!) live like 4 times over the years, and Katy none. But finally – for the Prismatic Tour she’s FINALLY coming here. I was ready to travel, but why travel when you can see her at home?

And I must say. After one night with monster and air forces, and another one with a parody 80’s sexistic band, it’ll be nice to step into the wonder-candy-dreamland that is Katy Perry.

March, hit me with your best shot.

// Sara

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