The One That Kills The Least

Okay. So, one of the most dangerous things you can do as a professional fangirl, is to look through setlists of a band of the gigs you didn’t go to.

I thought that “Hm, it could be cool to see what songs they played in Oslo and Copenhagen, since we weren’t there”. So first I checked Oslo – the same as Helsinki, “Dead Memories”, “Opium of the People” and “Disasterpieces” + “The Blister Exists”. So I figured, Denmark probably has the same shit we in Sweden had, which is “Three Nil”, “Eyeless”, “Vermillion” + “Wait and Bleed”.

Oh no. They didn’t.

They had “Eeyore”, “Liberate” + “Left Behind”.

And “Purity”.


Do you guys… I mean. I LOVE “Eyeless” and “Vermillion”, they are pretty much my TOP TOP TOP SlipKnot songs… but together with them are “Purity”. And they fucking played it. BUT IN COPENHAGEN.

GODDAMNIT. And do you know what pisses me off even more?

I LITERALLY WAS THIS, THIIISSSSS CLOSE to actually do Copenhagen as well, out of boredom of being stuck in Finland for so long without company. I was literally INCHES AWAY FROM DOING COPENHAGEN. But then I was like “no, I won’t”.

Well. Never again. NEVER AGAIN. Next time: Hop on SlipKnots tourbus and follow them all over Europe. Just in case.

Oh sweet fangirl problems…


// Sara


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