Happy Valentines to you all! At least those of you who cares for it. This day is literally squeezed between two important days – The Death of Otus on Feb 13th and the Birthday of Mr Lordi that is tomorrow. Can’t believe it has gone three years since the passing.

Anyway. So, last night we went down to the cute little pub Villi Wäinö. They played an acoustic set for an hour and a half and it was good! I’m not going to give you an advanced and long report about the show, because there isn’t a lot to say about gigs like this. It was something new for me, to just sit by the bar and watch the band pull off an acoustic set. The place wasn’t filled, it was almost like friends and family kind of gathering.

But nevertheless, it was amazing seeing the guys again and I hope they bounce back and do a proper tour soon!


Today has been good so far. Spent most of the days in various recordstores, seriously, we went into this Åhlens like store and they had this whole VINYL SECTION and CD section and I was basically in heaven. They even had Scare Force One vinyl there, but I’m not really sure how to transport it home so maybe next time…

Later on we headed to Music Hunter and spent a good fucking hour there. It’s one of those kind of stores that has CD’s from the floor to the roof, messy, DVD’s, VHS, Vinyls, Merchandise… Surprisingly, for being there for so long the only things I really left with is a magazine featuring an interview with Joey Jordison and “All Hope is Gone” 2CD version. Had I only had all the monies in the world…. I would have bought the store. But I need to keep my mind on Madrid and everything else.


With all this being said, I’m already at the Amaranthe show here in Helsinki as this will be posted a little later tonight (scheduled posts for the win!) so, I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

// Sara

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