Amaranthe @ The Circus, Helsinki, Finland 14/2 – 15

So! Valentines Day, what is a better way to celebrate it but with one of your favorite bands? NO BETTER WAY! Said and done. I was lucky you know – mindlessly planning this SlipKnot trip and accidently stumbling over a fitting Amaranthe date. Seriously, THANKS FOR THAT! whoever planned their tour. Perfect.

So, The Circus was the destination, “MASSIVE ADDICTIVE” is the tour, and as I’ve told you before, white era makes white clothes. With the exception for red fishnets, because of Valentines.


We went to The Circus about an hour and a half before the doors were opened, and gladly, and surprisingly, we were the first in line! There isn’t really a lot to say about the queueing, we pretty much stood there in silence. Me mostly trying not to freeze to death. I was kinda hoping it wouldn’t be as cold, and while it wasn’t Frankfurt cold, I eventually stopped feeling my feet. As always.

Anyway. With a small delay, they finally opened the door and we went inside. Didn’t really feel the need to run, it’s not like people were pushing or anything, and took a spot on Johan’s side of the stage. I’ve found myself ALWAYS being on Johan’s side. Why is this? No fucking clue.

The thing is, despite the doors opening at 19, we still had to wait until 21(!!!) for the supportband to start. Surprisingly, the wait wasn’t at all as long as I had thought it would be, and Cypher16 entered the stage.

Well, what to say about them? They were good! This is a band who origins from the UK, playing, well, metal (me and subgenres not always so good) and I really liked them! I’m sorry the crowd was half shitty to you, but I still think they delivered really good!


They played for about half an hour or so, and after them I decided to get out of the crowd a quicky to get a glass of water. We had done so for the Lordi show, and god bless that glass of water. Had we not had that, we would probably have died or so. We almost did during SlipKnot  last wednesday, so yeah. Had to get it!

Right on time, at 22 that is, Amaranthe entered the stage and opened strongly with “Digital World”. Thank god, the crowd DID respond a LOT better now than they had for Cypher. I was getting a little worried.


They continued on with “Hunger” and the arena basically EXPLODED! This was quite the upbeat since the pretty ‘lame’ Västerås gig, if you like, I’m fucking glad! This band deserves it SO MUCH. And the band was on top as well. And I tell you one thing: Pyros.

Amaranthe has gotten themselves a NICE set of pyrotechnics. Fucking LOVE IT, this tour is just getting better and better!

“Invincible” was next on the list, followed by “Razorblade”. Oh my god, have I told you already how much I love this song? It’s by far one of my favorite songs of them, EVER. After this one, they started off with a, to me, little surprise.


I didn’t see this one coming! But I was so glad to hear it, because I freaking love it. And so did the rest of the crowd, seemingly. Speaking of love, another one of my favorites were ripped off after this, “1.000.000 Lightyears”.

“Over and Done” was next on the list, and this time around Jake actually remembered the lyrics! Haha, no, I really shouldn’t go there. It was AMAZING, and it was followed up by what I usually call the dancefest that is “Trinity”. Jesus Christ, “Massive Addictive” really IS the most perfect album.

So, after the dancefest it was time for the headbang fest, that is, yeah, that’s right.


I already told you back on the Västerås show that this particular song is just probably one of the best songs they have EVER put out. Even though I always feel like a stekar-brat whenever it’s playing because it got that kind of beat, it NEVER fails to get me pumped. And it was good seeing the band enjoy themselves.

I’ve never really seen Elize THIS playful on stage before – and okay, I’ve only seen them three times by now, but like I said lat time, this band improves for every time. This is a band that has BIG THINGS ahead of them, just saying.

The sweet ballad “True” was next on the list, taking down the tempo a little bit before they ripped off “Afterlife”. Ahh. This band people. Do you understand? This is probably one of the best bands we have in Sweden. Just for your information.


“Electroheart” was next on the list, another big favorite of mine AND the arena, seriously, finnish people got good taste! After “Electro” it was time for Morten to have his little moment of fame, or maybe we should call it his 15 minutes in the spotlight with his ever so awesome drumsolo. I think we might have found a candidate to compete with Joey about being the fastest drummer. Joey, you ready for that?!

“Leave Everything Behind” was fired off (literally) right after and then the tempo slowed down again, as they started with “Amaranthine”.

And look, I get that this is like their most popular or famous song or something, but you know…. This is fucking amazing okay. It moves something in me, I’m not sure what, but it does, and to make it even better, the way they composed it with the pyrotechnics just made this probably one of the best performances of this song to date.

“Call Out My Name” was the last song before saying thanks and good night, and they left the stage. Of course, the finns, and I and the Estonian of course, wanted more, so what do they do? They come back.

And start off with “Automatic”. (After Johans little monologue, that is)

YES THANK YOU. It may not be my favorite with them, but I sure had missed this one in Västerås! “Dynamite” was next on the list and I once again have a little moment with Henrik. Maybe it’s his side I should stand on? Who the heck knows. The blaze in my eyes are here, blazing through you. Or him maybe I should say.

“Drop Dead Cynical” was fired off before they wrapped up the whole show with the ever so amazing “The Nexus”. Seriously, best song. BEST. FUCKING. SONG. BEST.


With all that being said, they thanked for tonight and left the stage, for good this time and we left for the merchandise.

Seriously, Thank YOU Amarathe for being one of the best bands out there today, and thanks for this AMAZING gig. I had a freaking blast at it. Thank you so much!

So, we hit the merchstand alright. At first I had planned to get nothing… and then I noticed they had all the singles for sale. All of them. And my eyes basically POPPED. Like WHAT THE HECK. But, since I’m being short on money, I could only get three of them. “Amarathine”, “1.000.000 Lightyears” and “The Nexus”. I hope I’ll get my hands on the last two some other time, but I kinda had to prioritize my favorite ones. (I left ‘Hunger’ and ‘Burn With Me’ behind).

Once I was done shopping, and waiting for Argo, I went over to the supportbands table to have a little chat with them. We talked a little bit about the show, about Finland vs Estonia, about Sweden and about SlipKnot! Turns out they had seen them in Wales just a few weeks prior, so it was a good chat! I of course bought their CD as well (support your supportbands people!) and a little later on we left to get back to the hotel.


This was a REAL good night, and I’m more than ready for SlipKnot now! Despite the huge bruise on my leg…


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