Rock n Roll Outlaws

Well well well! First day in Finland, spent with what? SLEEPING OUT. Haven’t really been able to catch up on my sleep ever since… Frankfurt maybe? So that was mighty nice. Were confused for a while about the timezone as my computer had one timezone and my phones another one, haha.

But, what did I do then? Well, not a lot. Did some quick shopping getting a cute little bracelet from Cybershop, but most importantly, I took a stroll by Levykauppa Äx and got my hands on these beauties.


Korpiklaani – Manala which seems to be quite the hassle to get in Sweden, and of course, Honey Hellraiser – Pick Your Poison! Finally, to more CD’s to scratch of my list. Imagine I had to get to Finland to get them, haha.

Well, with all that being said, Argo pretty much just arrived here in Helsinki and we are now heading downtown to catch an acoustic set with Stala & SO. Stonewashed jeans, fringejacket and a messy ponytail and HERE WE GO.


// Sara

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