So, I guess I could just say HONEY I’M HOME. I have landed in Helsinki, and better than that, I’m in my hotel room, unpacked everything and settled down. Of course, I need to redo everything because I need to prep for Argo’s arrival. It’s insane how much I love being here. I’m not going away when going to Helsinki, I’m going home.

Anyway. What is there to say? Not a lot has happened today. Did some last minute shopping before boarding the plane, so basically, this is what I’ve managed to gather in two days in Stockholm.


First of course, the mandatory tourshirt! I debated with myself for quite some time about which one to get, and after consulting Michelle I decided for this one. AND I LOVE IT.


THE DRESS WITH A BIG D! I’ve been looking on this online FOREVER, and finally I got my hands on it! It doesn’t come with the white top underneath, but sorry guys, not gonna flash myself on the internet, haha! The possibilities with this one are ENDLESS.


Two new bracelets, 1 euro each! Love it. I love 2nd hand-stores, and I LOVE sales. Allows you to get new shit for almost free.


I’m prepping a bit for celebrating Valentines Day together with Amaranthe, and new red earrings was needed! These ones were dead pretty. Zebra, feathers, red. Couldn’t be better!


New fishnets. New black ones, because the ones I have are literally falling apart, and white and red ones for obvious reasons.


Like, HAHAHA. RIP fishnets!


Last but not least: A Computergame. It’s called “Rock Manager”, and according to the description, it should be something similar to Rock Tour, basically, you are being the manager of a band. I hope this one isn’t as slow as Rock Tour can get at times, I can’t wait to get home and try it out, since I only brought my MAC computer… Bah.

Well. With that said, I’m now gonna dance away to Serious Black and prepp for tomorrow.

// Sara



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