My Plague

It’s literally 3 am, and I’m sitting here sneezing like hell, trying to pull together what to pack for tomorrow. No, I haven’t done it yet, and I’m also trying to re-book my Swebus ticket, FAILING MISERABLY. The ticket is cancelled, but I didn’t get the refund code, so I’m technically standing here without a ticket, haha. I hope I get it soon.

Tomorrow is the D-day any way. Or, the like, third D-Day this year. Tomorrow it’s time to start off the SlipKnot week, consisting of AT LEAST two SlipKnot gigs and one Amaranthe, and possibly a Stala&SO. one. If Argo shows up. (No pressure dude, but it’s all on you). It’s so weird.

I booked the tickets to the SlipKnot shows like in October. It’s so weird to think that in just a day or so I’ll finally see them. That the day is here. That it’s actually time now. I mean, Amaranthe, Serious, Lordi was somewhat spontaneously planned, nothing I’ve waited for like with this one. I hope it’ll be epic. I sure hope.


It’s gonna be nice. Spending Valentines Day with my one true love – Amaranthe. Which reminds me. I need to check for some red jewellery. *reminder to self*

// Sara

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