One by One

So, this is kind of yesterdays news. But most of you know that Elize from Amaranthe were in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish pre-selections you know together with Rickard Söderberg. Their song “One By One” was by far the best song in the whole contest, sadly they end up on the 5th place.  They had probably the worst case scenario ever – they had both teen-idols, old school Schlager people and a doll house against them. While I love the Dolly girls, you can’t deny that the children were probably screaming at home.

But you know – 5th place is a good start. And she, or them, should be proud of what they did.

So, with that said, I’m still sick. Or, I got sick again. The cold night waiting for Lordi took out it’s toll on me. BUT. That didn’t stop me. I spent most of the day at Ingesund recording a folkmusic band, was well exciting! The mixertable wouldn’t work though, so HUGE thanks to Fredrik and my teacher for helping out in the most desperate of times.

But, now I’ve found myself in quite the situation. I have NO CLUE whatsoever on what to wear to SlipKnot. I was thinking that perhaps I should just do you know, some random band tee or something. But I don’t know? And also. NEED TO PACK. Haven’t even started.

Question is, why did I even unpack Frankfurt? Obviously, that was unnecessary…

// Sara

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