So here I am folkens. Back in Stockholm, back at Hotel Micro as always. Week number 2 of concerts is starting now and tomorrow it’s time for me to see SlipKnot for the very first time! I’m so excited.

Thanks to the awesome start in Frankfurt I’m actually excited for once. Like I told you last time, I usually get this really… “fuck I don’t want to” feeling, but it’s not here! I can’t wait to get to Hovet tomorrow and start queueing. Gladly, there’s no breakfast buffet to catch at this hotel, so I can just run out and get my shopping over with and then RUN, RUN TO THE H…OVET.

The more interesting thing is the fact that I seem to have gotten a abnormally small room here at Micro. My luggage is literally taking up half the room, and I’m positive that’s not normal… Huh. And just when I thought the rooms couldn’t get any smaller here.

But they have comfy beds. Mmm. Really nice.

Tomorrow: SLIPKNOT.

// Sara

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