It’s only three days left or so before it’s time to catch Amaranthe live for the second time in my life. I’m looking SOOO forward, it’s insane! But not only that, today we recieved some big news:

BILLY IDOL IS COMING TO SWEDEN! TO PLAY AT GRÖNA LUND! Which is awesome, because it means VERY LITTLE expenses in order to see him, and ohhh. I’m just getting so excited and pumped over how this “semester” and summer is turning out. I literally have more gigs and festivals planned up until August this year than I saw in 2013. How insane is that?

And on top of that… I have finally gotten my hands on a Kristoff doll. Do you know what this means? It means my collection is now complete. Now I’ll have all the classic dolls. Anna, Elsa, Hans and Kristoff. FINALLY. Took almost a YEAR to get him! Oh god. I also got the Anna mug and two bags. Hopefully the lunchbox and the Elsa mug will come back, but we’ll see about that.

Gotthard’s “Tomorrows Just Begun” is playing in the background, kind of reminding me to get off the computer and get to bed for a long and exciting day tomorrow.

// Sara

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