Any Means Necessary

Right in time just for Frankfurt to come, I finally did what I have been planning to do for oh so long.

Get my hands on HammerFall’s “Legacy of Kings” whiskey. I was so certain it would sell out before I’d be able to afford it, but apparently not! So I took a little trip to the liquor store and I didn’t even need to go far – I spotted the bottle right from the door, so you could say it was an easy and quick catch.


With that being said, I have now sent all small Frozen and Eurovision Song Contest memorabilia down to davy jones locker (really just a shelf in my massive shelf) in order to make room first of all Kristoff, but also all my general music things, like the Serious Black box, “all” the wines and whiskeys and what else I don’t drink but really like having there to look pretty, signed booklets and just everything. Everything and nothing.

How that shelf will turn out though, I’ll show to all of you once it’s done, like, once Kristoff is back on track.

But hey – TWO DAYS TIL AMARANTHE. Who’s excited? No one, because I’m the only one among the blog readers who will go, BUT STILL!

// Sara


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