Hell Sent In The Clowns

It is now just a little over a week left before I’ll be seeing my dearest monsters again, in Germany of all places. Scare Force One is just an AMAZING era if you ask me, and thus I just can’t afford not going to see as many of their shows as possible. I’m really looking forward to Spain though, but next week is going to be epic, not only because of Lordi but also because of Serious Black, Orden Ogan and HammerFall. And this Friday is going to be awesome because of Amaranthe.

The carousel is just rolling now. And to add a little extra spark to it all, Argo managed to dig up that Stala&SO. are doing an acoustic show in Helsinki on the Friday that I/we will be there before Amaranthe. I mean. How fucking perfect isn’t that? I didn’t make it to Sabaton in Belgium, but right now I’m like ONE GIG away from having a gig every single day on the week… It would be convenient if someone happened to throw in a gig in like I don’t know, On The Rocks on that Thursday too. You know, just to help me out a little. Perhaps I should have checked the gig scene in Stockholm before I made up my mind about when to go to Helsinki.

But yes, Stala&SO. Will be fucking Awesome. SlipKnot, Stala, Amaranthe, Slipknot. I like it.

amaranthe4honeyhellraiserstalaso 081hammerfall3Lordi2

// Sara

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