REVIEW: U.D.O – Decadent

All the lights are turned towards social injustice and the decadence of the upper class on U.D.O’s newest album “Decadent”. It’s been two years since “Steelhammer” came out, and he’s now back with a new album where he points out all the large bad habits of the society, and the division between the poor and the bad. The album was recorded at Double U Studios and was mixed by Mattes and mastered by Jacob Hansen.

The album is twelve tracks long and consists of pure metal ala U.D.O as we know him from before. To sum this album up, you could say it’s like riding a small boat on the ocean in stormy weather. The album opens up with the fairly speedy “Speeder” and launches right into the heavy title track and the storm is a fact. After this, it’s calming down for a little moment before starting to storm again in “Mystery” and “Pain” before going down again and up when “Breathless” arrives, only to calm down for the rest of the album.

While the subjects indeed touches my heart and he’s done a good work pointing out all the things we do “wrong”, I can’t say this album is perfect. It’s pretty okay – but nothing revolutionary, and most importantly, nothing new. It’s the same solid and bold kind of “power”metal we are used to hear from U.D.O, all the way back to Accept, and the album has more dips than it has highlights, if you ask me.

The album is fine – it’s pretty much what anyone would expect of U.D.O. It’s sure worth having in your record collection, at least.

Label: AFM Records

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// Sara

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