Heart on Fire

You know, on days like this, when it’s getting closer and closer to a gig or a bunch of gigs, the days are mostly filled with preparations. Like booking the last things (Frankfurt hotel – CHECK!) getting all the necessities, starting to map out what the days will look like and like I mentioned before, also plan on what to wear.

I’ve been running around downtown today picking up a lot of new accessories and a new jacket (love it!) and also a few extra things to customize a few things, but most importantly, I got this little baby:


So it kinda makes it official: The first gig of this year will be Amaranthe, next week in Västerås. It’s so convenient, it will end about half an hour before the last bus leaves, so I won’t even need hotel. Those concerts are the best kind of concerts.

So yeah. The updating might be a little shitty the following days, and you all know why.

See yah later!

// Sara

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