Wiihoo guys! So today it arrived: My Serious Black fanbox. Haven’t been waiting for this one for forever, only like, two days unlike the Kitchen Box from Lordi. I was so excited when I got the text this morning I’ve been walking around giggling all day just wanting to dig into it, but I had to finish a couple of schoolassignments – WHICH I HAVE NOW. Good on me.

And also. While trying to book the flighttickets to SAS, which ended up being more like SAS taking the money and not giving us tickets, it’s a good thing it came. Or else there would have been a massacre or two. Anyhow:


So here it is! This is the box in all it’s glory. So what is really inside of it? Well first of all:


The album itself of course! This is the limited edition with three bonus tracks I haven’t listened to yet, but soon soon I tell you!


So what is this? Well first of all, it’s a merchandise pass. Means that, if I want to, I get 10% when buying their merch at their show. The card is a Certificate of Authencity, same thing that was in Lordi’s box. And then three picks from each of the string bending members! LOVE IT.


THIS THIS THIS! Remember the old idol cards you’d have when you were younger? THEY ARE FUCKING BACK. And they are signed too, that was QUITE a surprise actually, I had expected them to just be plain! But nope, not here! LOVE IT.


And the last thing in the box: The Shirt!

So, I went with a size Medium shirt naturally, since it was the smallest one available. And… maybe it’s me who’ve been wearing too many girlies for the last couple of years, but seriously, IT’S HUGE! It’s like a tent? I could bring this to the festival and live in it? And I had even thought about taking a larger size so I could make a dress out of it… Well, that sure wasn’t necessary! We’ll see what happens with this one.

Well, that was that… I hope we are luckier when we talk to SAS tomorrow so we can get this damned trip booked THIS YEAR.

// Sara

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