High And Low

You wanna know what I love about this year so far?

It’s only gone about a week or two or three, but I’m still seeing this being one of the most promising years  in a very long time. The summer is starting to fill up with concerts and festivals, and the spring time is working itself out as well. More and more options and possibilities are coming in, and I’m just waiting for it all to take off. On January 30th, it WILL start with Amaranthe in Västerås (unless it sells out before I get a ticket) and then it’s just gonna keep on rolling for the next few months. Summer is going to be heavy too – a lot of people are like “how can you even do all of this?”

Well, why couldn’t I? I love this life. I love being on the road, not really knowing what is gonna happen, but it’s OK. Because you are there with the best of your friends, it’s another city another country another venue. Whatever band is playing on the stage, will always be the best band in the world for the night. On Jan 30th Amaranthe will be the best band in the world. On February 11th SlipKnot will be the best band in the world. Because for this one night, nothing in this world matters. Nothing, at all. School, work, injustice, mental health, physical health, worries, stress, anxieties – NOTHING matters. When the drums explodes in the chorus for “The Nexus” or when Corey Taylor screams for the hell of it or when Hella’s ripping off the pre-chorus to “The Riff” – that is all that matters in that moment. And when the curtains has fallen and the show is done, you might just be so lucky to meet some of these inspiring people and even if you don’t, you’ll still spend the rest of the night in some dark alley behind some suspicious building in Lichtenfels waiting ’til the break of dawn when the plane leaves, with your best friends. Shenaningans, music talk, laughter and tears of joy is what is being shed.

DSC_1762Röjet2014 153awesomeeitaly1 029hellsinkijedward 018Lichtenfels2 174Lichtenfels2 081Lichtenfels2 043posingonstreetLichtenfels2 011Lichtenfels2 017Jasmin, Alex, ArgoJoni, Argo, Antha, AlexBild 325

And how can you not want to do THIS every day? Sure, being sleep-deprived is a thing, but it’s ALWAYS. ALWAYS. Going to be worth it.

Tomorrow is a another venue, another city a new hotel room oh. And I just can’t live without it.

// Sara

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