House Of Ghosts

I guess that is what you could almost call this house right now. School has consumed so much of my time, more than I’m even comfortable with. But that’s how it goes, when you, for once, actually do your assignments properly. Oh well.

I have one more assignment for this partcourse, which I’ll wrap up tomorrow and then I’ll finish as many as possible as soon as possible after that, despite their due date being a lot later. Love being done early. I also got the last christmasgifts bought today, and that makes me SO happy and thrilled. No stress, nothing! Love it.

Aside that, this weekend I’ll also start look into the new releases of Orden Ogan and Serious Black. I got both albums sent to me about a week or so ago, but I haven’t gotten into it just yet. Serious Black’s I’ve listened to a bit, and I like it a lot! Next up is Orden Ogan, and then the writing process will begin.

But for now, bed time. Somewhat long day in school tomorrow. Aaah.

// Sara

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