Illusion of Life

Wheeee! Today has been EFFIN GREAT! Why?

Because of this!


Say Hello to Vermillion, or perhaps, Vermillia, if you like. (Milli). After a few ifs and buts and a few panik attacks later, I realized I was in need of a pet. And the best pet in the world, as everyone knows, is the hamster. She’s a black goldhamster with white stains on her tummy.

This picture was taken in the car. As soon as we left the petstore, she started biting and chewing like INSANE on the cardboard, and she even got THIS FAR when we weren’t even close to be home yet. Gladly, she didn’t escape or anything and she’s spent all day running around and settling down in her new home. Now she’s passed out, and I can understand that, haha.

Aside this, not a whole lot more than school and last minute schoolassignments has been done. Why is it always so rushy right before xmas? Gaah.

// Sara

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