Rome is Falling

Seriously guys, I’m really so so so sorry that I haven’t been able to produce interesting material for you all to read lately, but I promise you, as soon as this week is over, I’ll get right to it!

Spent the day today at Ingesund trying to do some voice overs, but seriously… WE NEVER GET THE SECOND CONTROLROOM TO WORK AND I’M GOING INSANE OVER IT. So we ended up automating some of the voiced tracks and merging them together to get less tracks to the actual clip before saying FUCK THIS SHIT and going for a snack. We’ve now booked the big control room and I hope to fucking god that we will get some shit done then. Because it’s getting on my nerves now.

Besides that, I noticed Ace Frehley is coming to Gröna Lund this summer. I am so going. I hope. It’s like, two days before Graspop which makes it kinda perfect in a way if you think about it… Ahh, I love how the concert season are getting itself together all by itself!

But now, bed. Short day at Ingesund tomorrow, but long day all in all.

// Sara

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