The Next Episode

Have spent pretty much ALL DAY finishing off the business plan for the fictitious record label I made for school, and we finally got all the numbers to make sense! Gladly, I’m not as stupid as I thought I were. Haha, sorry. Aside that I’ve also been thinking a lot of next years tour plan.

Like, there are sooo many bands out touring. Lordi, SlipKnot, Sabaton, HammerFall, Amaranthe, H.E.A.T, Steel Panther… We really have all the opportunities in the world to really get around, visit new countries and seeing a LOT of shows. I have a hard time deciding what shows to do, which to prioritize and such. And then the festival summer… I have already planned Sweden Rock and Skogsröjet, and most likely Graspop Metal Meeting. But then Väsby has Danger Danger coming, so now I’m just scattered all over the place. Why did 2015 have to become so epic gig wise? I need to think about a lot of things, and perhaps consult a person or two about what I’m going to do. But this will work out. Somehow. I know it.

Now though, I need to go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be another long day at Ingesund, and most importantly, we are starting to finalize the project! Gonna be awesome.

// Sara

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