Kiss Me Undead

Been an awesome day I must say, I met up with the one and only: Paula! It’s been QUITE some time since we met, like, this spring or so, so I was so happy to see her face again! We got to a coffeeshop close to the train station and sat down and just talked for a couple of hours about everything and nothing, catching up and laughing over some chocolate cake and soda.

We also exchanged christmas gift. I gave her a CD I can’t name on here because of reasons, and what did I get from her? The most amazing things ever!


A Frozen themed towel and the re-armed versions of Sabaton’s “Attero Dominatus” and “The Art of War”. THANK YOU SO MUCH PAULA! It’s all much, much, MUCH appreciated!

After a little while we had to wrap up our meeting and go our separate ways. I hope to see her soon again! I have spent the rest of the evening writing a business plan for a record label and I’m literally drowning in numbers right now. And I’m going to drown in even more numbers, as I’m about to head to work…

// Sara

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