Beauty and the Beast

Woke up to some pretty rad good news today. No less than ten new acts has been announced for Sweden Rock next year!

Amongst the new bands we find Slash, Dokken, Hardcore Superstar, Bloodbath, Pat Travers, Eluveitie, Refuge, Dare, Dan Hylander and Egonaut.


Like, seriously. Sweden Rock just continues to deliver GOOD FUCKING BANDS making this possibly one of the most epic years since 2008! I’m especially excited for Dokken. I never actually thought I’d get to see them live EVER, so to hear them being confirmed for Sweden Rock just excites me SO much. And do I even need to tell you how I feel about Hardcore Superstar being there? Guess not! Slash will be fun to see too.

God, this line up is just getting better and better. Festivalsummer 2015, BRING IT ON!

// Sara

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