For What It’s Worth

Been a slow day today. Some schoolwork has been done, but mostly, I’ve used the day to run some errands downtown and later on christmas decorating my room.

Normally, I don’t do a lot of christmas decorations and I’ve actually kept it a bit to a minimum this year as well. Once I move out and away from home, I guess things will change. When we were out downtown earlier today I found these awesome baubles, three in the shape of skulls and two round pink ones with studs on them. I put them up in my window, where I already have the green glitter and pink light. Turned out pretty nicely.



The second thing I did was to redecorate the arrangements on the TV. Previously it was just random glasses for candles (what is that even called in english?) shaped as pumpkins and normal ones, but I took all of that away and put up a wintermug with a teddy reindeer in it, a scented candle (vanilla) with some christmas theme on, and my little Christmas cactus, which got some glitter on him, a ball and a star on top. To top off this, I also took down Olaf, Anna, Sven, Kristoff and SF-Elsa to pop it even more. Ahh, this sure is Frozen’s season!


// Sara


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