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Today has been yet another long and “busy” day at Ingesund. We have finally started our first production though – it’ll be a spoof of a SlipKnot video we found on Youtube. It’s only about a minute long, but it feels like a good start.

Of course, the day hasn’t been troublefree. It’s doesn’t even seem to matter – if Michelle and I are gonna do something, it WILL fuck up wheter I want that or not. At first, I was just about to make the train when I realized I had forgotten the passcard to the studio at home, and thus ending up late again. Once we got there, my computer, neither one them, wanted to get on the wireless internet in the studio, but gladly, after an HOUR or so of swearing, it finally did. And then, the soundcard would at first not synchronize with the computer, but once we got THAT to work the soundcard wouldn’t synchronize with Logic Pro X and we were just sitting there like AHSDLAJSDLAJS. We are sure as hell not meant to be doing this, OR, faith is possibly trying our patience to see how persistant we are.

Dubb2 003Dubb2 005

After a little while, it FINALLY started, and we could finally get to work. We started off brainstorming a bit on what we were going to say, who was gonna play which member and so on. We got together some pretty sweet stuff and afterwards decided to wing it.

Dubb2 006 Dubb2 007

The voicing went smooth. It was A LOT easier this time around, as we had taken ourselves the time to get familiar with the clip, but also the fact there weren’t any particularly long dialouges or tricky lines. I think it went all cool. We managed to finish off Mick, Joey, Chris and Clown before starting to edit them in for a first draft.

Dubb2 014

It was a little tricky at first, and when I finally set down to cut in the voices on the right places I noticed we had managed to delete the BEST PART of Mick’s monolouge. HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE. Gladly, it was fairly easy to recreate. After finishing and wrapping up the first day of recordings, we celebrated with some microwave pizza and a recorded Phineas&Ferb Star Wars, seeing it for the first time ever, in Ingesunds cafeteria.

Dubb2 015

Ahh, the glamourous life of “voice actors” huh? Haha, not really, but cozy as hell! Can’t wait to get down with this little project, but gladly we are continuing next week!

Dubb2 017

// Sara

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