Today’s been an interesting day. We started the whole day off with having Lordi announce their tour – which is beyond awesome. FINALLY we are getting the Tour Force One dates. Of course, as suspected, no dates for Fenno-Scandinavia, but we finally made a decision on where to go see the Monstars again. If they were to announce dates in Sweden later on, we sure would go anyway, but, yes. It feels good that next year is finally coming together.

Aside that, I decided to take the day off from school and everything because of the hectic weekend – some weekends I work first at the nightclub, and then in the morning I work in the stable. I only get two hours sleep in between, so I’m basically WIPED OUT after a weekend like this. But one day off usually does the trick!

But, anyway, I went out and got most of my christmas shopping done. And that makes me SO GLAD. I only have one more person to shop for, and it takes away SO MUCH stress it ain’t even funny. It feels good to have it done, and I spent half my evening packing the stuff. For some reason I’ve gotten more into the actual packing and wrapping rather than the gifts. Funny.

Tomorrow is a big day though, voice overs are on the schedule again! See yah later!

// Sara

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