Non Stop Rock n Roll – Wig Wam

So, a few days ago I was challenged by one of my friends to write a list about my top ten favorite bands, which I somewhat transformed into a ten most influential bands instead. Maybe I’ll take the list and put it up here and write a little bit more about every band… Anyway. One of the bands that are natural on the list is Wig Wam, which brought this album to my mind.

lalala 030

Non-Stop Rock n Roll“, released in 2010 and is Wig Wam’s third full-lenght album.

I always used to say that whenever Wig Wam makes an album, they basically do a remix of themselves. Like, the original was “667 – The Neighbour of the Beast” / ” Hard to be a Rock n Roller” (these two are essentially the same record, the later one having an addition of ‘In My Dreams’). When they released “Wig Wamania” in 2006 it was basically the same album – but improved.  You can easily see it – “Mine All Mine” turned into “A Rock n Roll Girl Like You” and “Tell me Where To Go” turned into “At The End of The Day”, “Car-Lyle turned into “Dare-Devil Heat” and so on. Look yourselves, and you’ll see it.

However, with this in mind, I had pretty  high expectations when they said they’d enter the studio. I expected it to be Wig Wamania taken to the next level, if it was even possible?

And it was. By many, many miles. It succeeded all my expectations, and I consider it being a bit of an underrated album. It has this in your face and bombastic opening in “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” moving onto the more heavier “Walls Come Down”, and then into the more partylike “Wild One” and “C’mon Everybody”.

To top it off even better, they got Flash (bass) and Teeny (guitarr) sing a song each. Flash had already during the Wig Wamania era been given his own song, “Flying High” so I was expected to hear him again, which we did in “Chasing Rainbows”. Teeny, on the other hand, was quite a surprise. He sings on “Still I’m Burning” and not only does it sound good, it’s one of the best track so on the whole album.

But – I wanna shed some extra light on two other songs. The two songs, that in my opinion, is the best on the whole album. “Man in the Moon” (compare to Bygone Zone & Out of Time) and “Rocking Through My Heart” (compare to A Rock n Roll Girl Like You & Mine all Mine).  I’ve always been weak for the Mine All Mine / Rock n Roll Girl duo, so it’s no surprise to me that my favorite of the record would be “Rocket”. Man in the Moon on the other hand… The lyrics are absolutely beautiful, but what captures me the most about this song is the whole package, the arrangement. The soft, serene song together with these lyrics… this is one of the songs I can listen to on repeat without any difficulties.

So yes. This album, I want to warmly recommend, as long as you’re into 80’s kind of hairmetal. This is the best work of these men, and there isn’t a song on this album I don’t like listening to. And that’s what marks a good album, people.

Oh wow, this is fun.. It appears this CD is no longer in the making, so the only place to get it is at Amazon right here.

// Sara

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