The party’s just begun and kids eat too much cake

I’m currently sitting on the bus home from Finland, dead tired after very little sleep and a little cold creeping its way on to me.

But, despite all this, this has been the best weekend in my life in quite some time. I’ve spent the weekend in my favorite city together with the most amazing people. At times like this I absolutely love the fandom so much. We were gathered from so many countries – France, Sweden. Norway, Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany and Czech Republic (if I even remember all!) and we spent the night together watching the best band in the world showing off their new costumes and songs on the releasegig,

All day was filled with reunion meetings, laughter, freezing to death in the cold, anticipation and making new friends, and during the night we sat and talked and laughed for hours and hours and even more hours before we went to bed. In a very long time, I’ve actually for real felt I never wanted this to end. When sitting at the coffeshop this morning with Sophie I didn’t want it to end. But all good things come to an end I guess.

Thanks to all of you people who made this weekend beyond amazing – Michelle, Sophie, Argo, Anthalerero, Aneta, Mara, Kaarle, Madlen and Jasmin. And of course – the best band in the world, Lordi. Thanks for everything.


(Stole the picture off Michelle’s instagram)

// Sara

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